Classic Personal Trainer LLC 
a division of Classic Health Institute

7008 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231             Call us: 941-554-4455
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Classic Personal Trainer is an exercise facility that provides our clients with an experienced personal trainer, commercial-grade gym equipment and motivation to get the most out of every workout without injuries.  The trainer will set up your appropriate exercise program, coach you during your entire visit, teach proper form and constantly supply you with effective nutritional advice.

We use thorough warm-ups so you remain injury free. You won’t be sore after a workout at our studio. “No pain, no gain” is a myth. You can have gain without pain and it’s fun to work out here!  Unlike a Boot Camp type of program we let you rest between sets.
Remember the TV show Cheers? Do you recall the way everyone greeted Norm whenever he walked in? We have been told repeatedly our little facility is just like walking into Cheers. Get introduced to a place where it’s fun to work out. Classic Personal Trainer will be a place you will look forward to going to. When you have a regular schedule, you will see the same pleasant people every time. The trainers are friendly, and the atmosphere is fun and relaxing. Our clients constantly remind us that the hour they spend with us is the highpoint of their day. You want to work out where everybody knows your name.

Beginners will be eased into a workout that will increase their metabolic rate and speed up the toning process. They will quickly burn off excess body fat and make permanent changes in the way they look and feel!

People know they need to add muscle and bone density to stay healthy and live longer. If you already exercise but your progress has stalled our trainers will show you how to sail past any plateau as they re-motivate you.

Whether you play tennis, swim, or golf resistance training and cardio-pulmonary exercises are the proven way to increase strength, coordination, and add injury free years.

If your Doctor has told you to lose weight and exercise Classic Personal Trainer is exactly what he would prescribe.

VelaShape treatments melt away fat and smooth out skin. 
Weight training twice per week improves brain function and slows the aging process. 
-Gretchen Reynolds The New York Times